George has been composing

and performing original music since his early teens in Prague. While living in Tel Aviv, Israel, he wrote music for TV at the age of 19 and he performed his tunes in various Tel Aviv clubs and night spots. George has written for the stage, film and TV (one of his songs is in steady twice weekly rotation on OMNI TV in Toronto, Canada). But his main passion remains the three minute pop song.

Originally influenced by the Beatles, like so many of his peers, George now uses more sophisticated harmonies but still strives for the "hook", making his tunes eminently listenable.

'You Were Mine', 'Groovy Romance' and 'Little Darlin' were captured live in 2011 at the Dominion On Queen Club where George used to be a regular performer.

"Not Who You Are"
co-written by George Grosman and Amy Morgan
Amy Morgan - vocals
George Grosman - guitar
John Keith - accordion

Gypsy Bluez - Concentrated On You

You Were Mine

Groovy Romance

Little Darlin'

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  Photography by Denise Wilkins